How can I learn C++ quick?

Is there any quick means I could probably learn C++ faster?
I have been stuck into this for a very long time now.

I'm not sure what you mean. The only limiting factors are:

• your own ability to absorb information
• the quality of your instruction materials

It helps significantly if you are familiar with any other programming language, but even if you are not a couple of strategies can help:

• identify areas you wish to learn, such as "flow control", "functions", "classes", "formatted input and output", etc, and study the basics of those things.

• Google around specific tasks you wish to accomplish and see how other people do it on C++.

SO and Rosetta Code and GerksForGeeks are all prominent sites that cater to these things.

Also, remember that there will always be things to learn. Focus on a basic proficiency then add on to that.

Good luck!
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