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std::tr1::bind + for_each
to jsmith: First, the decision below does not work, because '[b]delete[/b]' doesn't call d-tor: ...

std::tr1::bind + for_each
Also i found that msvs2008 SP1 c++ compiler [b]crashes [/b]in this case: [code]#include <algori...

std::tr1::bind + for_each
Hi again, i have found a decision: [code]typedef std::tr1::function < void(void*) > [b]deleter[/...

templates and header files
as far as I know, in msvs2008 compiler is not possible a separate compilation for templates. use it ...

std::tr1::bind + for_each
Hello, i want to make a nested bind, but have compiler errors: [code] #include <algorithm> #inc...

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