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Name:Samir chandra barma
Location:Dhaka, Bangladesh
Bio:A student from Daffodil international university.
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Can't understand a question ?
From ANSI C++, Please see the question no 1.14 Write a program to display the equation of a line i...

Simple problem .
[u][b]is it correc[/u]t? [/b] #include<stdio.h> int main() { int x1,x2,y1,y2; double s; ...

Simple problem .
no bro, my question was , how can i take integer like x1,x2,x3,....

Simple problem .
distance between two point (x1,x2)and (y1,y2)is governed by the formula D2=(x2-x1)2+(y2-y1)2 writ...

Difference between while loop and for loop.
Hi there ! Can u please tell me about the difference between while loop and for loop?

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