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Bio:I am a laboratory assistant and have been working at a hospital some distance from where I live. For the past few years, I have been traveling to and from my workplace by bus. It has been very hectic, and many times, I have toyed with the idea of giving up the job and looking for something else. However, I enjoy working at that place and have made many friends there. So, I keep hesitating about my decision to leave.
Recently, I decided to buy a car. After a lot of research, I finally settled for a car that I liked, and all my friends were happy with my choice. They all gave me ideas about how I could make it look better and perform better. I paid attention to all the tips and advice as they are all experts. It was my first time possessing a car. During that time, my aunt came over to visit, and I took her for a drive. When we got back, she suggested that I put some car accessories and car floor mats. She gave me the name of a company that sells personalised car mats, and I checked it out later. I bought my car mats from carmelo car mats, and everyone has admired them.


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