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Name:Raleigh Reisman
Location:Bella Vista
Bio:Maryann says, "Thank you for the perfect evening, I was very concerned when you mentioned that I had to plan our Valentine's. Boy did you surprise me?" Then thinking to herself, "I have a surprise for you on Sunday with Kerry joining us." Maryann then continues nipping at his ears, licking them, then kissing his neck. She makes sure to rub, on his now very erect penis. She is taking this seduction very slow, so it continues for like 15 to 20 minutes. Marcus, already as horny as can be, starts to feel up Maryann, then he finds the snaps, at her crotch, to the teddy then starts unsnapping them. After the last snap is unbutton, he places a finger into her sopping wet pussy, then another finger, going in and out, twisting his fingers then curling them, he locates her g-spot, sending more shivers through her entire body. As he is playing with her pussy, he says, "Maryann, what happened to the small patch of hair on your pussy, it feels so smooth?" "We each had a Brazilian wax the other day of our pussy then ass. Do you like it?" "Like it, I love it, it feels so smooth and great. Who is we?" "Kerry, Su Linn & I, all three of us went together. The new Brazilian place had a Valentine's special, so we took advantage of it. Even though it hurt a little bit, the technician couldn't believe it, but shall I say, we took care of each other's needs during each other's sessions?" "Wish I was there; I would have gotten one, then helped everyone out taking care of you three." Marcus then asks, "What is in the box?" "Open it. It's a mutual special gift" Marcus opens the box to find a vibrating butt plug with a gorgeous crystal in the base, larger purple Rabbit vibrating dildo and a double ended dildo with waterproof anal gel and pussy lube. "What are these for Maryann?" "Me, I want the butt plug in my ass, as you fuck my brains out tonight. But first the rabbit. It does both my pussy and clit. Go for it my love and thank you again for tonight." Marcus then helps Maryann remove the red teddy from her body. Maryann lays on the pillow, spread eagle. Marcus, taking the goodies with him, heads to her pussy. He first starts to lick her pussy, as he nips her clit, he then sticks a finger, then another into her wet pussy. Realizing she is wet, hot and horny; he starts to lube up her new toys. First the anal plug. Lifting her up a little off the bed, he lubes her brown hole, then the vibrating butt plug. Placing the butt plug slowly into her asshole, she starts to relax her sphincter muscles. Maryann says, "Take it slow, it has been a while since you were in there last." As her sphincter muscles relax, the plug then completely slides in entering her asshole which is turned on. Leaving it in place, he then gets the rabbit. Lubes up her pussy, then the rabbit is slid into her pussy. Turning it on, as he teases her with both the toys vibrating in both her holes, he moves up on her body to play and tease with her small breasts. Then goes down to start licking her labia & clit. Maryann is feeling the vibrations in both her holes plus with the licking on key parts of her body. "Marcus, these feel so nice nooo sooo great, I am having small orgasms, one after another. Please pull out the rabbit so at least you can fuck my pussy?" "Maryann, in a little bit, I am having too much fun teasing you right now. I was able to suck on your nipples, now I am licking you around your clit, going up and down your slit, all the time while you are feeling the vibrations from your toys. ENJOY THEM FOR NOW." All of a sudden, Maryann's pelvis, almost knocking a tooth out of Marcus's mouth, as she bounces off the bed in a major orgasm.

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