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Name:Chase Hitchcock
Bio:I've always thought of myself as a top. Ever since I came out, I'd only hooked up with clean-shaven guys who were more pretty than butch. So, I didn't think anything about it when I first met Corey. We were both at the same club, and we saw each other from across the room. He nodded to me, and I nodded back. I slowly walked toward him, and we started dancing together. He grinded on me for a while and then turned around. I thought he wanted me to dance on him, so I went along with it. I didn't really know what I was doing, but he seemed to be getting into it. I could feel him getting more excited, so I turned my head back to kiss him. He grabbed my head and kissed back. I don't remember how long it lasted, but the next thing I knew, he was pulling my hand to move off the dance floor. I followed him to the bathroom, and we kept making out. He reached down my pants and started to rub my cock through the fabric. I pushed him against the wall and we kept making out. He started to massage the head with his thumb, so I started to bite his lower lip. He tried to unbutton my pants with his right hand, but he couldn't quite get it. I didn't want him to stop, so I unbuttoned them and pulled down the zipper. He got the hint and grinned. He pulled down the front of my boxers and started to slide his hand up and down my shaft. I didn't expect him to move so quickly, so I let out a little gasp. He smiled with a devilish grin and started to move faster. I leaned my head back and broke our kiss, but he kept going. I started to take deep breaths, so he quickly flipped me so that my back was against the wall. He could tell that I was close, so he pulled his hand away and moved his head down. He looked up at me and bit his lip before moving his head forward and kissing the head of my cock. I started to thrust my hips forward, but he pushed me back against the wall. He opened his mouth and started to bob up and down, so I deliberately pushed my ass back up against the wall so that he wouldn't have to keep it there.
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