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Bio:Project Management is the procedure of directing the work of an organization to reach specific goals and accomplish success criteria within a given period. The basic challenge of project management, therefore, is how to reach all the project targets within the given time frame. Project management includes the planning, organizing and managing of resources to accomplish planned projects. The methodology of project management seeks to satisfy the following objectives:

... Read more. This is the only way that can help them achieve their desired results and goals. Therefore, anyone new in the field of project management should first of all equip himself with the required knowledge and information regarding the same. He should be able to read the business case properly, comprehend its structure and think critically about the issues at hand. Only then he should be able to start working accordingly.

However, before going ahead with this he must decide on how he is going to deliver the project requirements, in terms of deliverables and quality and price. Based on this the next phase in the project management plan would be chalked out... And here the process would generally focus on... planning and organizing. As mentioned earlier, the plan should include a description of the project requirements, the deliverables, the timelines, and the budget. This phase should also have a business case analysis to see whether the project can be brought into operation and if yes how.

Once these aspects are covered, the project management plan is ready to be implemented. The phases are determined by the project managers based on their previous research and analysis of the problem, which they have undertaken earlier. The project manager now has to make use of the gantt chart, and come up with a schedule. To ensure a sense of direction, the project manager should also come up with a deliverable schedule...

The most important factor for a successful project management is indeed acceptance criteria. This will help you see that what you are implementing actually meets the needs of the organization. You must understand that there are many different project management techniques that have been developed. Among these techniques are stakeholder analysis, risk management, schedule management and cost management.

Each one has its own significance. Stakeholder analysis is an important technique of project management. With it you can determine which parts of your project can be considered as stakeholders. By so doing, you ensure that all necessary stakeholders are included in the process. It is crucial in making sure that all project objectives according to the stakeholders' needs are being fulfilled.

Then, we have the waterfall methodologies. This methodology focuses on formulating a program or project specification using a framework. It then goes through a series of analysis and design procedures to select only those methods, tools and techniques that meet the project requirements. It is usually characterized by a set of organizational goals that are to be achieved. The program is also targeted at providing a systematic approach for producing quality solutions.

In the planning phase, the team members are asked to develop project specifications. In this phase, the team members come up with short-term and long-term task assignments based on the program. Project execution is planned to achieve the goal set during the planning phase.

Scope development is another process in the management plan. In this phase, the project aims are identified based on the detailed program and the overall budget. It then goes through the definition of various scopes that covers the project's goals, objectives, and critical resources. It also defines the scope that will cover the project's activities.


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