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Bio:I am an environmentalist for nine years. My fantastic day begins with a cup of coffee and a paper. As we go through our "Life Ok" everyday routine, we stumble upon some fascinating realities about our world like the world's population reached as high as 75 billion in the last year. The boost in population was mainly focused in currently largely populated locations like cities. It is rather natural for a city citizen like me to think about the general well-being of the people in the cities. We know the importance of having clean air to breathe. I can give you a limitless list of possible air-borne diseases indoors in caught air. We all breathe the same breath as our fellow habitants like birds and our cherished family pets. I wonder whether my nosy canine feels the same air change whenever we take a walk outside. How would I know if all of us wished to become self-sufficient in fundamental requirements like breathing clean fresh air inside your home? Do not all of us share the exact same planet earth freely and breathe the exact same air? How come our needs are different than theirs? God forbid, however if a human can feel trapped inside closed walls like a prison, we are not unsusceptible to air-borne diseases. Luckily, I know a simple option and found the necessary assistance through HEPA air purifier installation from

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