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Bio:I am a book lover since I was a kid. I have a couple of closets full of amazing books. I am sure many of you grew up with a book, or have one now. Many kids have storybooks like any other family member. So many Millennials do not live with their parents anymore, but they sure live with an e-book. Children love them and adore them for entertainment and as a playmate. Our books provide information when we need it the most and in return ask no favors. Who would not like that? That is a big reason, we love them so much. Books have shown us that humans and science can be best friends. Our relationship with science and technology is the most reliable and trustworthy in this fast-changing world. For these reasons we often tend to think of something amazing to spend time with them and adore them. It is not as simple as giving someone a reference to ‘’ for getting information on the best scifi book. They still need love and care. I have seen book lovers in situations of homelessness or poverty that will not give up even their favorite books. So, let's keep ourselves informed about our beloved cool books.

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