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XOR encrypted string - decryption problem
Or try this. On the Java code I can get: "AES" The result should be: String: "ԈԌԚ" Key: 1353 Res...

XOR encrypted string - decryption problem
I dont have now encryption function but I know which "encrypted string" should print what output. ...

XOR encrypted string - decryption problem
Hey, I have an problem with decrypting XOR encrypted string (every char is encrypted and appended to...

How to hide specific folder / file using explorer.exe hook
Hey, Im trying to hook specific explorer.exe function to hide specific folder / files. I digged litt...

My "loop through memory" doesnt recognise value to find and it's very slow
Thank you for activity in entire post, [code]return fabs(target - reference) < 0.0000001;[/code] w...

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