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Bio:An interpersonal skill is any competency facilitating communication and interaction with others wherein interpersonal relationships are established, expressed, and modified in non-verbal and verbal ways. The concept of social skills was first introduced by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who classified different personality traits into two types: the psychological type and the emotional type. In his theory, people were born with certain strengths or weaknesses which could be used as a basis to evaluate personality traits and identify personality disorders or even traits for specific roles.

The theory made it possible for members of a group to interact effectively without necessarily being in the same room, place, or at the same time. Through the years, different interpersonal skills have been developed to help us communicate, listen, make decisions, deal with conflict, work well with colleagues and deal with each other in general. These skills include: covert speech, metaphors, negotiation, assertiveness, defensiveness, and empathy. The development of each of these is an important step on the road to developing one's overall human potential. Lack of these skills can lead to social awkwardness in individuals as well as in groups.

Covert speech refers to non-verbal communication which includes innuendo, and sarcasm. Understanding the concept of covert speech takes into consideration that many individuals are not comfortable with this kind of language and tend to shy away from communicating with others which they consider to be close friends or colleagues. However, covert speech does not always translate to non-verbal communication; there are times when we use words, facial expressions, gestures, and body language to communicate which cannot be misinterpreted by others. In order to improve the way you interact with your colleagues, you must learn how to effectively communicate through your non-verbal communication as well.

Strong Interpersonal Skills. Communication plays a crucial role in any relationship, therefore it is essential that individuals have strong interpersonal skills. These include: listening, understanding, communicating, building relationships, influencing, building trust, creating an environment for learning, and contributing to a fun, exciting, or productive work environment. Strong interpersonal skills also encompass effective problem solving skills, negotiation, resolving conflict resolution, and assertiveness. All of these skills are crucial to promoting healthy interpersonal relationships which result in positive and successful outcomes.

Weak Interpersonal Skills. One of the major indicators that you may not be communicating effectively with your coworkers is if you find yourself using poor interpersonal communication techniques. This may include using abusive or inflammatory language, making derogatory comments, sarcasm, blaring remarks, ignoring someone, or publicly humiliating someone. When you have weak interpersonal skills, it is likely that you are not communicating effectively with your co-workers and your prospective employers will pick up on this.

Good Interpersonal Skills. A strong set of interpersonal skills includes: listening effectively, clearly communicating, building trust, communicating openly and honestly, influencing others positively, resolving conflicts and talking things out, and contributing in a constructive way to the team or project. You will need to practice these interpersonal skills on a daily basis. For example, if you need to ask a question regarding something that is being discussed, listen carefully and then answer; if someone is trying to make a suggestion or add advice to your situation, listen and take seriously their opinion; respond to someone's question by asking them if they have any further questions.

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