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We’re all for our planet’s wellness. And a good way to do your share to help decrease your carbon footprint is by practising the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


According to The World Counts, we dump 2.12 billion tonnes of waste every year on the planet. This includes toxic waste from electronic products. Reducing the amount of waste you produce helps the environment, like buying products with less packaging or whose packaging is eco-friendly, meaning less plastic or plastic-free packaging; Buy products whose content and ingredients aren’t harmful to the environment. You should also only buy what you need. And if it suits your requirements, buy in bulk.

Another way to reduce waste is to find products or items that you can reuse, like eco friendly bags. Check if you already have them before buying eco friendly bags. And if you’re going to get them, we’re happy to say that Zero Waste has a variety of less plastic or plastic-free, eco-friendly bags—from food storage bags to compostable mail satchels and waste bags.


Many plastic-free eco-friendly products have ‘reuse’ in their packaging, but not everyone reuses them. These reusable items can be used multiple times before discarding them. For example, you can refill a water bottle instead of buying a new one. We’ve earlier mentioned electronic products as part of the waste that impacts the planet. So instead of buying a new computer, why not have it upgraded instead of throwing it away?

Another idea is to go for reusable, eco friendly bags. Our practical, reusable, and environment-friendly string bags are a perfect replacement for plastic shopping bags. They’re made from cotton, and they’re compact, lightweight, and very convenient to carry around. What’s more, it can handle a load of 5 Kg! That’s a lot of things you can put in your eco-friendly bag!


Recycling may sound tiresome but your love for the environment outweighs it. Before you throw anything away, separate the ones that can be recycled. Materials like glass, cardboard, lead batteries, aluminium, and plastic bags can be recycled and repurposed. Electronic components can be recycled, too!

Let’s all do our share in adapting an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle by practising the 3Rs.

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