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HEADER FILE "msoftcon.h"
Why don't use use a modern, easier to understand graphic library such as SFML? http://www.sfml-dev....

i m trying to swap values of 2 varable without using 3rd variable but
A = A+B; B = A-B; A = A-B; edit: Made a small diagram; could help:

Input File Name at Run Time in C++.
[code] //... char fileName[100]; cout << "File path(name): "; cin >> fileName; fstream f(fileName, ...

Input File Name at Run Time in C++.
Can you provide more info on your problem? If you want to read/write from/to a file you can ask for ...

Urgent help needed for an assignment
I don't understand what you mean by 'sequence' but I can help you with the last two. selection: the...

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