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Let a user choose how many sides are on a die and how many times it is rolled. Output the sum of all the numbers rolled.
Having some trouble on the last part of this question. I was able to make a die that rolls randomly ...

Using rand(), create a 20 by 20 block that prints "[#]" for solid and "[ ]" for open.
Had a homework question a few weeks back that I never got to finish because I couldn't for the life ...

Make a random generated map within 5 and 50
My goal is to give the user an option of choosing the map size, or choosing random map size. If chos...

Create a program that prints a 20 by 20 block. Print "[ ]" for an open space. Print [X] for closed space
Hi, I am very new to C++ and for our homework we have gotten this as a problem. I would usually assu...

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