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Name:Donatas Azaravičius
Bio:I am from Lithuania and I am self-taught programmer. I program as a hobby. Right now I am learning c++ language, GUI and I am try to learn OpenGL (expecting the book about OpenGL 4.1).
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void as function argument
So, this specifications in C makes bugs which can't be caught by compiler?

void as function argument
Hi, I was reading about void as function argument, but I did not fully understand it's meaning in C....

malloc problems, but no errors.
Found the problem. Here are new function. [code]bool readFile(char* infile_name, char** file_content...

malloc problems, but no errors.
I have updated my function [code]bool readFile(char* infile_name, char* file_content) { FILE* fi...

malloc problems, but no errors.
Hi I have written function readFile [code]bool readFile(char* infile_name, char* file_content) { ...