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Structs vs Classes - What's the purpose?
Note that (rightly or wrongly) it is a common convention amongst C++ programmers to use struct for b...

How to compare an int variable name to a string?
[quote]I want to compare the name of an int variable[/quote] Seems unlikely. Variables don't have na...

Converting a string to an integer
[code] string fullname; int a = fullname.length();[/code] I see that at this point in the code, the...

How to implement type Auto?
What you're saying doesn't make a lot of sense; you're making a class that represents a car ( a clas...

Newbie in c++ Some one help me with this.
[code]set(&x); change(x);[/code] I've now done your homework for you, but if this is beyond you, yo...

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