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Name:Joseph M. Nogueras
Location:Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Bio:I'm PSPMAN90! :) But my friends call me Joey.I'm very friendly and I like to help others. I also like to study, read analize and create.I came this website to learn C++ basicaly, but if there any other pc_languages, I may take a look to them too.PSP is the best Handheld console ever built by the man! I want to become a PSP_Coder or at least a trainee ^^. Thanks!!
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How to make Cout (screen) buffer bigger?
Thanks for all your help :D Glad to have you guys, Computer Science Gurus here. n_n¨!

How to make Cout (screen) buffer bigger?
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How to make Cout (screen) buffer bigger?
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How to make Cout (screen) buffer bigger?
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