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Bio:This book discusses the enterprise adoption of Docker and Kubernetes,therefore a basic understanding of Docker concepts will be helpful. What you will learn Understand why containers are important to an enterprise Understand the features and components of Docker Enterprise 2 Find out about the PoC, pilot, mastering docker pdf download production adoption phases Get to know the best practices for installing and operating Docker Enterprise Understand what is important for a Docker Enterprise in production Run Kubernetes on Docker Enterprise Who this book is for This book is for Software Architects, DevOps Engineers, Tech Ops, Docker professionals, or any IT professional working with Docker and containers who wants to move containerized workloads to production. Youll learn how to take greater control over your containers using some of Dockers most sophisticated and useful tools, such as Docker compose and Docker swarm, before bringing together everything you already know and have learned to put your containers into production and monitor them for safety and performance.

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