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    Description of the most important classes, functions and objects of the Standard Language Library, with descriptive fully-functional short programs as examples.
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    Crowdstrike BSOD   [Lounge]
    A flawed security update by Crowdstrike is causing BSOD for windows computers wordwide. It seems to be caused by csagent.sys The workaround Steps are: Boot Wi...
    [6 replies] Last: Note that it seems the source of this bug was not Windows itself, but ... (by helios)
    function returning an int cannot be assigned to   [General C++ Programming]
    I have a confusion. A function returning a value of type int cannot be assigned to - is it because that return value is an rvalue? but its type is int not int&&...
    [2 replies] Last: b.value() returns an int (not addressable temporary) [/quote] Correc... (by seeplus)
    Expectations - Expert Beginners   [Lounge]
    This thread follows on from one of the posts in the thread "Expectations": https://cplusplus.com/forum/lounge/285833/#msg1243092 [quote=George PlusPlus]But t...
    [8 replies] Last: It's probably judging the result obtained and the time to complete. ... (by jonnin)
    Expectations - Coding Standards   [Lounge]
    This thread follows on from one of the posts in the thread "Expectations": https://cplusplus.com/forum/lounge/285833/#msg1243093 [quote=Duthomhas]Those ar...
    [9 replies] Last: I think programmers should be expected to be able to put their own opi... (by Peter87)
    Expectations - Common Knowledge   [Lounge]
    This thread follows on from one of the posts in the thread "Expectations": https://cplusplus.com/forum/lounge/285833/#msg1243095 [quote=seeplus]Although n...
    [2 replies] Last: Another aspect of what else should[/i] count as common knowledge is w... (by George PlusPlus)
    Expectations   [Lounge]
    Looking for feedback to sanity check my expectations of junior and not-so-junior C++ developers. Currently wondering how things have changed since I started in ...
    [12 replies] Last: No need to close the thread, should no replies get added eventually it... (by George PlusPlus)
    How to include library feature macros like __cpp_lib_* if importing std only?   [General C++ Programming]
    the library feature macros __cpp_lib_* are defined in header yvals_core.h (for visual C++) which is an implementation header and thus not meant to be included i...
    [3 replies] Last: Yes I know I can #include Thanks! (by JUANDENT)
    order of importing does affect the outcome!   [General C++ Programming]
    Reading about C++ 20 modules we find the assertion that the order of importing modules does not matter, and this is always compared with #including headers. I ...
    [2 replies] Last: the order of importing modules does matter if they are at least vague... (by keskiverto)
    by etrw2
    need some help   [Beginners]
    Hey guys. So i've been trying to do a line of code for about a hour now but I don't seem to get it. 3 <-- how many lines 1 12.50 2 3 10.50 1 2 7.50 3 ^...^...^...
    [2 replies] Last: find the lowest sum of the list [/quote] You don't specify from wher... (by seeplus)
    by colt
    Simple tga writer not working correctly.   [Beginners]
    Hi. I did write code to write a simple tga file format file. Unfortunately, it does not seem to work as expected. The resulting image is always black, not ma...
    [3 replies] Last: You might consider finding an already existing 3rd party library and u... (by George PlusPlus)