Nov 4, 2010 (last update: Nov 4, 2010)

How to google

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Some people I've met recently mentioned that google searching was too complex for most people to use. So I've come up with this excellent and fairly (and I mean fairly) easy guide to comprehend.

Step one: Download and install a browser. If you don't have internet (or a browser to get one from), you may attempt to contact google services or some other similar company to send you a CD containing a browser to use. However, this may require internet so I doubt they'll do this for you.

Step two: Go to "" by typing these exact letters into the URL bar in your browser. This part is fairly complex as the syntax here is obviously obscure and unfamiliar to the common newbie. All this means is that we're using the http protocol to connect to whatever resolves to (if anything in the case you don't have a valid connection to the internet).

Step three: When you arrive at this page, most people get lost and confused. Don't panic! It's actually pretty simple (or its supposed to be anyways). On the page, there should be a text box and one to two buttons present with a bunch of other highlighted words. Ignore the highlighted words for now as this is fairly difficult stuff to understand. For now, we'll focus on the text box and the button with the words "Google Search". Now, all we need to do is type in whatever you want into the text box. Please be warned that it might go haywire and have a bunch of weird stuff pop up on the screen as you type! If it doesn't, finish typing, and click the button labeled: "Google Search". Don't panic! Do not click the X button! All this weird stuff is called "search results". Now, we're going to go a bit fast here, but lets take this step by step. Each page of "search results" is organized by sections. Each section is determined by the the large header sized text, normally called the result title, which usually gives a small description of the "search result" (note the loss of the s to remove plurality). Each title gives a small description underneath, and through the title and the description, you should be able to determine whether or not the information you need is from that result! Now, if it is, all you need to do is click on the title! That's right, the titles are click-able! Now, click on one, and it'll take you to a new web page containing the information you (might) have been looking for!

Congratulations! You have graduated from Search Academy. The great god of Google will be please.