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Migrate C ++ application from jsoncpp to rapidjson.
Thanks. I have to study the operation of jsoncpp and rapidjson in two good tutorials or documentati...

Migrate C ++ application from jsoncpp to rapidjson.
I have to modify a linux C ++ application developed some time ago, which use the jsoncpp library so...

Synchronize two processes using a shared library.
I am developing a C ++ class (MyClass.cpp) that I will compile as a dynamic shared library (MyClass....

Segmentation fault on TCP server.
I have developed a server in C ++ and a client that connects to it. Both are run on a PC with linux...

Segmentation fault when I pass a char pointer to a function in C.
I am passing a char* to the function "reverse" and when I execute it with gdb I get: Program rece...

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