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Bio:Hardwood and laminate flooring is long-lasting, durable, requires less maintenance, and can be found in a wide variety of colors, styles and finishes. No wonder it is one of the worldrsquos most popular flooring materials. Hardwood and laminate floors can often be found installed in high-traffic areas. These heavily used areas can accumulate dust, residuals oily soils on their surfaces leading to a less desirable looking floor. This is a quick beauty treatment to bring back the natural glow of your floor. This treatment is a quick, safe and easy way to remove the build-up, dirt and grime on your hardwood flooring. Just like carpet, hardwood floors require regularly scheduled maintenancecleaning to endure years of traffic and natural wear. On your wood or engineered wood floors, we will strip off the built up of wax and polish, sanitize to remove bacteria, deep clean with powerful equipment, and apply a commercial grade polish to restore the beauty of your wood floors. On laminate and LTV floors, we will deep clean and sanitize.

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