public member type


typedef int category;
Locale category
This member type describes a category of facets.

It is an alias of int, to be used as an enum-like type that accepts bitmask combinations of any of the following static member constant values:

locale::ctypectype, codecvt
locale::monetarymoneypunct, money_get, money_put
locale::numericnumpunct, num_get, num_put
locale::timetime_get, time_put
locale::allall of the above
locale::nonenone of the above (defined as 0).
Each of these categories is declared as a static const int member of locale whose value can be combined with the others as a bitmask (using the OR bitwise operator).

It is unspecified whether the value of these constants is the same as their respective C macro constants used for the category argument of the C-function setlocale.