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by thmm
Microsoft finds critical hole in operating system that for once isn't Windows
Oh wow, get a load of Google using strcpy() all wrong – strcpy! Haha, you'll never ever catch us doing that. https://www.theregister.com/2022/08/23/microso...
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by Geckoo
Since a few days I have many problems with the forum using FireFox or Edge - the latest versions. It seems to me that advertisings generate some problems. And f...
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by zapshe
The best keyboard I've ever used..
I'm just likeeeeeee, WOW. I'm currently typing on the Corsair K70 MK.2 LOW PROFILE with the Cherry MX LOW PROFILE Speed Switches. This is the nicest typing and...
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by Arafen
Ganhos no Brasil
Olá a todos. Encontrei um grande recurso para ganhar dinheiro on-line em qualquer tipo de jogo. Suas duas principais vantagens são que existe uma versão móv...
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Where is the search box
The search box was not found after the website was updated,where is it?
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Updating pre-C++11/Win32 API code to modern practices
For years I've been using the Win32 C++ code from "Sams Teach Yourself Game Programming in 24 Hours" to refine my use of modern C++/Win32 by tweaking the code. ...
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Re topic https://cplusplus.com/forum/lounge/283541/ [closed so I can't add a new post. Ahh...] VS2022 17.3.0 has now been released which fixes these issues ...
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Markdown editor
I am currently looking for a free offline markdown editor/viewer app for Windows, anyone have any recommendations/suggestions? I snagged MarkPad from the M...
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Hi, just wondering what happened to that site? It’s a shame it’s down
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cpp.sh - upgrade
cpp.sh has upgraded to the latest compilers (c++20 ... even c++23 experimental) YES!!!!
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by zapshe
Challenge: Questionable Encryption Algorithm (1,2)
I remembered Ang from a few years ago creating a dumb encryption program. I was looking for something fun to do, figured I'd see if I'd have any better luck at ...
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Just managed to write my first fork bomb...
I didn’t mean to, of course. The lesson here is to always test first by print what you are going to do before enabling the code to create a new process...
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