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Need to add multiple null values from a binary file to string
I want to encrypt a exe(executable file). I am reading the file as binary but when i Store the data in string it skips the null values and the end result after ...
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segmetation fault
I need help. How can i fix that.I am getting a stackoverflow. I want to swap the names of my labels by pressing the swapLabels Button. QString A=ui->LabelRigh...
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by Geckoo
Sort objects vector according to player position
Hello everyone. I would like to sort an vector with objects which I know their position. I have my inline function to compute distance, but I don't understand h...
[8 replies] Last: For efficiency, sort on distance-squared, not distance. You will get t... (by lastchance)
Can't bind "this" to a const object
I'm reading C++ Primer by Lippman, about the this and const member functions. I understand that this is a top-level const pointer that refers to the (non-co...
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No default constructor exists for class "Shader"
Hello, I am having an issue with one class, which has been giving me this error: "E0291 no default constructor exists for class "Shader"" I am confused because...
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double free or corruption (out) when file.close() is reached
the code below is part of a library I am implementing. Either the library and the executable using this library are build with no errors or warnings, but when I...
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Palindrome program
Write a program that reads a word into a C-string (a character array). The program should then determine whether the word would be a palindrome if we remove the...
[11 replies] Last: Adding for first letter to the end The exercise as given by the OP i... (by George P)
How to map/copy complex array of pointers to Eigen matrix?
I am able to both copy and map array of pointers to an Eigen vector/matrix and vice versa as the following: //Example 1: std::vector<double> xl(nx+1); ...
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Need some editing on code
So basiclly I need to ask user what book he is reading. and then when he types it , it must display like this What Book are you reading? Learning with C++ (Us...
[3 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace std; int main... (by seeplus)
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