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by Geckoo
std::string s or std::string &s
All is in the question. I understand the main principle, but I am wondering why often coders prefer the second way. The both seems legits, but there is some per...
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Last output missing when copying input with multiple lines.
Hello, When you copy this whole input: test1 test2 test3 and paste it into the running program below why do you get the output: test1 test2 instead of: test1 ...
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why does this else if statement never run?
for some reason the else if statement to catch if the denominator number is 0 never runs when y is enter as 0. #include <iostream> using namespace std; ...
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Function to display all stacks
What is the error of my void function to print all the displayed stack elements? #include<iostream> class Node{ public: int data; Node *next...
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Stacks using Array
Any ideas on how to convert this program into Stacks that use Arrays? This one right here used an STL. #include<iostream> #include<string> #include<stac...
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About dynamic programming
Hi everyone, I am learning to do dynamic programming but as each time I run on a problem that uses dynamic programming in a sim contest, I try to avoid using dy...
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Need Help in installing latest C++ version on Ubuntu please (1,2)
Hello, At present I have on my Ubuntu laptop, I have C++ gcc version 11.2.0. I like to upgrade it to GCC 12.2 that was released on August 19, 2022. Are t...
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by ICantC
CMAKE query
Hello, I'm trying to build a simply text project using CMake for the first time, but I get undefined reference errors for my calls to pdcurses methods (external...
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Is this a namespace collusion?
Consider the example below: namespace ns1 { void func(void){ std::cout << "I am inside ns1" << std::endl; } } namespace ns2 { void f...
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Unexpected behavior!
Consider the code below: using namespace std; int max(double a,double b) { cout << "You won't see me" << endl; return (a<b)?b:a; } int m...
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by Geckoo
cast a value
Hello. According to the next code, it seems that we have two alternatives in order to cast a value. But which one is the best practice? #include <iostream> ...
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Char array to dynamic char array
I have an assignment question that requests that i take my code where i have declared a normal char array and change it to a dynamic char array but when my code...
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Program with dynamic char array just skips past function call
This is an assignment question, i had to include a dynamic array in the below program. Since i have included the dynamic char array it skips past the function c...
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How to compile C++ 20 Modules Program using Visual C++ 2022 please
Following Visual C++ 2022 C++ 20 modules example program from C++ Professional 5th edition by Marc is giving following error: C7612 Couldnot find header iostre...
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Need Help Compiling GUI C Program using Visual C++ Please
I need help compiling open source G Predict Satellite Tracking C program using Visual C++ 2022 Community edition please. On Google, searched for Github Gpredic...
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Questions about types (1,2)
Hello, I spent 4 days trying to wrap my understanding about types, but It seems I am hitting a big fat wall of frustration. I used to know that char is not n...
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by Geckoo
Noobs' questions (1,2)
Hello. I would like to start a thread with some noobs' questions. I ask myself about these points, promising to myself to do some search, and finally I forget t...
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Insights into c++ code
Has anyone used C++ Insights and do you trust the GitHub code? It is pretty helpful that it can take a variadic and break it down to what the compiler is actual...
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Streams and terminals!
In one of his answers @Peter87 wrote: Streams are often "buffered", meaning that instead of writing the output to the destination straight away they often stor...
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How bool is stored in memory (1,2,3,4)
I got that int is stored like: 01000100 01000110 00101101 00110001 char like: 00110001 and double(4 bytes) like: 0 10001000 1000110 00101101 00110001 ...
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