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Help with Sending an Object of Class A to a Method of Class B?
I regularly send an object of class X to an external function by reference without problem. Now tha...
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[getter method doesn't work]
We can't comment (your) code that we can't see. When you post code, please use code tags and intuit...
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Rectangle logo from words
To read the 4 words into a vector of string: #include <vector> #include <string> #include <iostre...
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Need help with C++ task
Hello. I've come across some difficulties doing my C++ task. I'm not sure how can I write a refere...
[1 reply] : if you translated it right, reference does not mean c++ reference, but... (by jonnin)
by adam00
Don't know where im doin the problem.
Hey guys. I'm technically done with this code but there is a error in the answers. 5 9 ( for () fun...
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by jNc
random gen issues
Hello. Having issues with random generated integers. Having structure: ExamineOne.h -> main.cpp ...
[1 reply] : Please show ExamineOne.h. (by AbstractionAnon)
by Geckoo
Draw a line
Hello friend. I hope that all is fine for you. I wish you the best week-end. I am writing a function...
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const char * is incompat with type char *
I have a compiling example int main(int argc, char* argv ) { SM_HANDLE seaMAXHandle; unsi...
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Win counter and enlist the winners every game
Hello, I tried to make game where you can determine the winner by inputting their scores i'm just co...
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by adam00
Kinda new to bool.
sup folksss. Im trying out new stuff and I'm learning bools rn. Im at the begginer start so I don't...
[1 reply] : All a boolean value does is indicate a truthy value. You use it to ans... (by Duthomhas)
Seam Carving using DP
Hello together! I'm currently working on an implementation of the Seam Carving Algorithm, using D...
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by adam00
Beginner problems.
Sup guys. Im doing my homework and I dont how to seperate sums and remembering the types of numbe...
[3 replies] Last: Note L24. This is not an equality conditional. = means assign. == is t... (by seeplus)
makefile error
Hello! How is it possible to solve errors in makefile? what are they mean? more specifically ...
[13 replies] Last: "undefined reference to <some symbol>" most likely means that you ar... (by kigar64551)
I need some explaining.
Hey guys. Good mornin. I usually don't get stuck on these type of exercises but I didn't really und...
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how to prompt the user to try again
i want the user to instead to exit it loops back to try again when asked either p/f when he pressed ...
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Code Help
Hey guys good morning or good evening or whatever :DDDD I am doing my school work and I've ran in...
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Just learning about structs and passing them to functions
This is as far as I have gotten. at this point, when I try to fix things, I just make them worse and...
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Acces violation error
Hello guys. I am trying to make a program for my school project and I have no idea why i keep gettin...
[2 replies] Last: Consider using a C++ container, like a std::vector, for dealing with r... (by George P)
Need help :)
Hey guys good evening. So i've been stuck on this for a bit. The exercise asks me to get 2 answ...
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How are conditions checked?
Will the second part of an AND condition in an if statement be checked if the first one is false. So...
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