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Write your question here. Hello, im a student and im going to college this year i started c++ at ...
[4 replies] Last: you don't have to, to code. That is why we have references and tools... (by jonnin)
Consider the following implementation of the node and linked-list: template <class type> class ...
[2 replies] Last: For the provided implementation, there are some issues. A copy constru... (by seeplus)
List Initializer in max - STL - C++
Hello, How can I fix it? Thanks #include<iostream> #include<algorithm> using namespace s...
[1 reply] : You want max_element. (by salem c)
Student needing help please in my C++ class (1,2)
I am having an issue with this assignment. Write a program to help a local restaurant automate its ...
[21 replies] Last: I finally got it working properly I had to go changes some stuff aroun... (by XzainKarrito)
by spicyz
Needing help with functions.
I was wondering what the best way would be for me to put my code into functions would be. I'm still ...
[4 replies] Last: Hello spicyz, I found why this looks so familiar. If this is a schoo... (by Handy Andy)
by abuh
please help me
1-Includes a function “Display” to display the field values for each order that the item_price i...
[4 replies] Last: Customer number as a double?? When passing string as a function param... (by seeplus)
C++ - Error in Overloading ostream
Hello, I have an error when I'd to return output. (in Visual Studio 2019) #pragma once #in...
[3 replies] Last: #include <iostream> class rational { public: rational(); rational(... (by salem c)
by alexas
pointer madness
I have a problem with pointers. I always used the references and have a hard time to adapt to that *...
[6 replies] Last: thanks. it is hard to show the whole code, but I will try to illustrat... (by alexas)
Delete Function and Preset Data (1,2)
Hi I have written down this code but I don't get it why when I tried to delete it, it deletes the wh...
[21 replies] Last: Hi Andy and seeplus, After fixing my code based on both of your help... (by nomnomu)
by L67GS
Advice on a string problem please?
I don't necessarily need help, just advice on the approach to take for a function I'm writing. I'm l...
[13 replies] Last: Haha! That's a great idea, I actually did that a while ago. So the ini... (by L67GS)
Change all 2-byte combinations in a file matching certain criteria
Hey everyone. I'm a beginner programmer learning C++ mainly for video game reverse engineering, as w...
[14 replies] Last: As you are working on unsigned data, it may be easier to read the file... (by seeplus)
Help in debugging simple c++ code
This is a simple trie structure .but everytime i run it i get this error " no member named 'childr...
[1 reply] : > But clearly children is defined in Trie It's a local variable inside... (by salem c)
c++ help
so this is what is given to do : A video game company has 5 different branches around the world. ...
[5 replies] Last: I can't figure out how to put the input validation (by Evelynmkm27)
Why does this code not work?
Hello everyone, I am an absolute noob in C++ and just started learning it a few hours ago. I am jus...
[8 replies] Last: All bets are off with on-line compilers - especially one that hasn't b... (by seeplus)
by sarvcr
Convert STRING into INT
Hi! I need to create a program for an assignment that, between it's capacities, has to take an stri...
[8 replies] Last: [quote=seeplus]{} isn't needed for a class with a default constructor.... (by agent max)
problem understanding the heap memory
i recently started learning about the new and the delete keywords. from what i understand you u...
[3 replies] Last: One more thing: const auto pint {new int}; for ( int i = 0; i < 10; +... (by keskiverto)
Help Please Homework
Write your question here. hello I am BEGINNER and need some help with my code, it's not giving the...
[3 replies] Last: There is no need to use arrays - or a switch. Simply: #include<iost... (by seeplus)
How to scramble a word using rand
I'm trying to randomly scramble a word as part of an assignment I'm doing for my final exam. I just ...
[2 replies] Last: Hello domweng, I have been going over your code and even if you use ... (by Handy Andy)
Question about Project
So I'm having a bit of trouble with an assignment. Firstly, I'm trying to create a while loop that w...
[4 replies] Last: Hello luckylukebrooks, As I read your directions: Develop a program... (by Handy Andy)
Error messages
I'm a new beginner. Why are these error messages showing up? I need some assistance with this. Wa...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you for your help and assistance with this. (by juhason93)
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