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by L67GS
Julius API
Does anyone have experience with Julius Speech recognition under Linux in C++? I've found API stuff ...
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by siid14
ISO C++11 does not allow conversion from string literal to 'char *' [-Wwritable-strings]
I got a warning as you can read from the title. Precisely this is this line that is affected : ...
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moving array values
Coding arrays, one even, odd and then one merged for smallest value to larges. Only on even so far a...
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function not printing result in menu program
Program is meant to allow the user to make several menu choices and print a total once they're done....
[6 replies] Last: The function prototype on L13 doesn't match the function definition on... (by seeplus)
how to create constructor for object containing array of other objects
I have tried many ways, but it seems that problem is in the string part, because I am always getting...
[6 replies] Last: It works!!! Thank you so much, I appreciate your help. (by petrmsofuse)
Function not returning correct value
I have a structure containing string, int and double. My function takes four doubles and compares it...
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What does each Const in a member function defintion mean
First in C we have const int my_func() {return 0;}; This Tells the compiler that all calls t...
[3 replies] Last: It's mainly a correctness feature. If a class instantiated variable is... (by seeplus)
by vysero
Decimals for numeric keypad
Hey guys. I am working on a numeric keypad which needs to handle decimal values. I am having some tr...
[4 replies] Last: Hello vysero, You could also try this: #include <iostream> #include... (by Handy Andy)
Table of symbols
Hey, I am trying to figure out how to print out a table of symbols into the console. I have an inp...
[2 replies] Last: L8 - 10 and L15 - 19. It would be far easier to store the required str... (by seeplus)
Problem of scope of variables
Hi, I'm testing on a super simple code. However, I can't understand why isn't the output as expect...
[2 replies] Last: Right, got it! Thanks a lot:) (by calvinfornia)
How to Display Image in C++
Hi! I'm trying to write a function in C++ to show an image on the screen. How could I do that? I hav...
[1 reply] : Which OS are you using? Which compiler / IDE are you using? Do you wa... (by salem c)
How to print out array in all caps
I'm working on a project for fun and was trying to figure out how do I capitalize whatever the user ...
[7 replies] Last: seeplus already showed you, you need some sort of helper function to c... (by Ganado)
Counting data input file
I am working on a program that has an input file containing a students last name, first name, and gr...
[2 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <sstream> #include <s... (by lastchance)
dylib and how to use it
I want to use an external library I downloaded online. In the downloaded folder I have the following...
[8 replies] Last: Ah, ok. Well that's good! (by agent max)
C++ Sea Battle Game
So I've been handed a project with skeleton code in order to make a C++ battleship game but I can't ...
[1 reply] : Please use code tags. [co de] [/ code] around your code. Edit yo... (by Ganado)
Outputting addresses instead of dereferenced value
Hi, I'm just trying to write something simple up that will print out a polynomial. Issue I'm having...
[4 replies] Last: Why is Poly derived from Term? As a base to start from, consider: ... (by seeplus)
What can i do with C++
Hi, I would like to start with a C ++ course, but first I would like to know: - what kind of app...
[4 replies] Last: Hey, So, the uses of C++ is unlimited and a few of them are as follo... (by Karthik Ram)
Right-center a string within another string?
Is there a way so that between two brackets that are a set distance apart, a string of varying lengt...
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Help with math functions
Background info: for every win is 5 points, every tie is 2 points, every loss is 0 points. i am tr...
[5 replies] Last: Hello ellgoose, After guessing at the missing code and after making t... (by Handy Andy)
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