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    Why does FIDO2/WebAuthn need a separate key-pair for each site?   [Lounge]
    Recently I did some reading on the FIDO2/WebAuthn standard. I understand that FIDO2/WebAuthn generates a separate key-pair for each web-site (domain), and only ...
    [4 replies] Last: However, I don't think that FIDO2/WebAuthn has any kind of "revocation... (by kigar64551)
    Which remote should I use for git submodule?   [Lounge]
    I just recently come to a dilemma. I whish to git submodule add to my repo, and the dilemma is this: 1. Should I make a fork of the repo and then add submodule...
    [6 replies] Last: If your local Git repo contains a sub-module, and provided that the su... (by kigar64551)
    How to find the difference between time_point<utc_clock> and time_point<system_clock>?   [General C++ Programming]
    I have the following code: auto utc_now = chr::utc_clock::now(); auto now = chr::system_clock::now(); auto dif = now - utcNow; // does not compile [/c...
    [1 reply] : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35282308/convert-between-c11-clock... (by George P)
    by Cplusc
    reading binary file   [General C++ Programming]
    I am trying to read an stl binary file using following code but just a few numbers of data are read correctly, the rest are either very large or small. the data...
    [3 replies] Last: It's because of that 2-byte chunk. Since you read out the 2-byte valu... (by mbozzi)
    by Ch1156
    Console game missues (1,2,3)   [Beginners]
    Im trying to implement some of the stuff i learned into a program and I am having an issue getting it to work correctly for some reason. I put the issues at the...
    [40 replies] Last: L212. No. You have it reversed! //Initialize and set oldY[/b] to the... (by seeplus)
    Any experts on Git sub-modules here?   [Lounge]
    So, I have a Git repository that was created by a colleague and that contains a number of sub-modules. Usually, when I have worked with Git sub-modules before, ...
    [9 replies] Last: Yeah, but Git definitely has marked the sub-folders in question as sub... (by kigar64551)
    Potentially-evaluated expressions   [General C++ Programming]
    An expression is potentially evaluated unless it is the operand of the sizeof, noexcept, typeid, decltype[/code] etc.. https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/langu...
    [19 replies] Last: [quote=malibor] static_assert[/code] is a good trick to see if it's ev... (by Peter87)
    by colt
    Zsnes's zlib detection code problem.   [UNIX/Linux Programming]
    Hi. I recently tried to build zsnes, however its zlib detection code seems to be seriously broken, as no matter how I pass it to configure, it won't detect it. ...
    [5 replies] Last: Ok, I did the modifications suggested and the results were not very ex... (by colt)
    by zapshe
    I got a weird email..   [Lounge]
    The contents of the email: https://imgur.com/a/EM8GNch Anyone else get something like this? I apparently the proud owner of cplusplus.com 😳
    [9 replies] Last: This is nothing new. Scammers are lazy, most of them, and by and larg... (by jonnin)
    parsing durations using %q or %Q??   [General C++ Programming]
    cannot parse durations using %q or %Q...e.g. std::chrono::duration<long long, std::milli> dur{ 1200 }; std::istringstream sm{ "1000ms" }; auto str =...
    [5 replies] Last: Maybe something like: #include <chrono> #include <iostream> #includ... (by seeplus)