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    Description of the most important classes, functions and objects of the Standard Language Library, with descriptive fully-functional short programs as examples.
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    Any experts on Git sub-modules here?   [Lounge]
    So, I have a Git repository that was created by a colleague and that contains a number of sub-modules. Usually, when I have worked with Git sub-modules before, ...
    [5 replies] Last: But the repository does not have a .gitmodules file. And that might b... (by malibor)
    Need Help to find the error   [General C++ Programming]
    I have below code, for functor. But this is giving compilation error in VS17. #include <iostream> #include <functional> template <typename T> struct less...
    [3 replies] Last: Now I understand, the problem. Yes thanks to both of you for the clari... (by shekharsahoo)
    by Ch1156
    SFML Help (Math calculation help) (1,2)   [Beginners]
    So im working with SFML and im just messing around with it and learning, and im trying to figure out how to place the corners of 4 squares on the corners of the...
    [25 replies] Last: [quote=Ch1156]im gonna start much smaller first Good idea. [quote=Ch... (by Peter87)
    where can I find trim() in std C++?   [General C++ Programming]
    I expected std::string to have a member function trim() but it does not. How to accomplish this??
    [4 replies] Last: Using ranges, then possibly something like this which will trim white-... (by seeplus)
    is this object dangling?   [General C++ Programming]
    hi, I have this code assert(ltrim_copy(str) == "ยข4,500.55"); // line 1 [/code] ltrim_copy returns a temporary object... is it ok to compare it...
    [1 reply] : it's OK and it is destroyed when assert returns. (by malibor)
    Neuronal Network not working properly..   [General C++ Programming]
    Dear Community, I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong when it comes to building neural networks and I can't come up with a solution on my own. I want to build a...
    [4 replies] Last: You implementation is missing a "Neuron" class, "Layer" class, "Synaps... (by malibor)
    parsing a formatted string   [General C++ Programming]
    using the format library in C++20, and having done this: int val = 25; string str = std::format( "{0:2}", val); [/code] How can we get the val from str, so...
    [5 replies] Last: There is sscanf() which works with null-terminated strings. See (3) of... (by seeplus)
    how can a function name be an lvalue?   [General C++ Programming]
    take this function: int abs(int a) { return a < 0 ? -a : a; } [/code] abs is supposed to be an lvalue but it cannot be assigned!! [code] i...
    [8 replies] Last: [quote=seeplus]In my mind (and the language lawyers will probably squa... (by Peter87)
    ; missing before cout   [Beginners]
    The following code gives me error "expected ';' before 'cout'. if (select == 'A' || select == 'a') cout << "You are in car care \n\n"; else...
    [7 replies] Last: If you don't already know of it, have a look at: https://www.learncpp.... (by seeplus)
    new window form a Win32 API in the program   [Beginners]
    i wanne open a new window whit a push of a button. ---------------------------------------------------- i tink i need t do that whit createWindow but don't ...
    [3 replies] Last: hInstance2 is defined on L4 and is un-initialised. This is used on L7 ... (by seeplus)