Windows Programming - November 2020

Help with Implementing a class please
I need to write an application, which reads two times and finds out which time is later. After...
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by Alimaz
my code doesn't work with portable visual c++6 !!! (1,2)
Hi everyone i have a code written by my friend. i want to use it in visual c++ 6 portable but i c...
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C++ 20: How can I use an exported struct in another executable?
Hi, I am using C++ 2019 with std:c++/latest and have been able to create a module and import it ...
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by abf
ntquerysysteminformtion and it's struct - size not mismatch and other doubts
Hello I'm curious why the API ntquerysysteminformtion return size that is different from the sum o...
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Is there any Windows program that lets you create image galleries with manual sorting
Not just sorting by name, time etc. I want to sort them by hand, and change later if needed. https:...
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VS2019 VC++ Windows Form Application
In VS 2019 CE using VC++ I see a Windows Desktop Application which I try. I do get a new Windows Fo...
[2 replies] Last: I got my WinForm Application to work on VS2019 by adding the “Extens... (by PapaGeek)
help with word input
i currently use visual studio 2019 compiler and i want to be able to input a word as a answer to std...
[4 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <cctype> #include <map... (by lastchance)
by hewcjr
Read/Rewrite Metadata for Photoshop
I am trying to develop or find a program to read a piece of metadata from a Keyence microscope image...
[3 replies] Last: There is also the Windows Imaging Component that can deal with readi... (by Furry Guy)
Table of values of the function
Hello, does anyone understand exactly how this is done? Otherwise, I don't understand how can make s...
[12 replies] Last: Your code is more correct than the original problem in the images that... (by lastchance)
by H4xA
Determine untitled window that isn't background process
Hello, I'm having some security issues with my game private server. some cheats are ...
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error in CodeBlocks compilre ??
hello everyone again I so sorry for all these question :'( I need help again please I get this er...
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check file .txt ??
hello everyone again hhhh =D in here there is tow line have same link :
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Problems with RPC communication
Hello together, I´m try to get a communication between a process written in c++ and a process w...
[3 replies] Last: Is it at all possible to establish an RPC communication from a proces... (by Computergeek01)
I can do this or not ??
Hello everyone I need help please I have this first file " .txt " by name " name of emoji " : ht...
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Can no longer use experimental/random's randint()
Hello! I am currently coding a little console game in C++, and in my game I have features that requi...
[8 replies] Last: A paper on Random Number Generation in C++11 (and later) http://www.op... (by Furry Guy)
VS2019 C++ multi Windows Form application.
I’m posting this to inform others of the problems that I have been facing while converting a Windo...
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