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I'm totally new to C++, so please explanation for retards :)
I have downloaded a package (don't know if that's the correct name, I come from Java), the package is OGDF for Graph drawing and so on. I need that package for an own project, so I already let it run through CMake, put the resulting folder in my project folder and added the path to projectName-->Settings-->C/C++-->Additional Include Directories.

So, at least, when I write #include ... now the syntax checker doesn't complain immediatly anymore. So it seems to me like, okay it gets that those are proper header-files that I want to include. But when I try to run it, it gives me Error LNK 2019 - something that the linker can't find the symbol definition in one of the library or object file and that there is a pointer to an non-resolved external symbol.

Do I have to also add a path to the src-folder and if so where or does it seem to you like any other problem?

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c++ is more hands on than java. you have to tell the linker to use the library that you built, in addition to including the headers. Some very large libraries have multiple files to add, some just one. If it is a windows tool, it may also have produced a .dll file, which you need in the path when you run the program (often its just in the same folder as the .exe file).

Each IDE or compiler does this a little differently, but there should be instructions online for your selected tools.

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