Best ways of testing a custom allocator

I created a custom allocator with a couple of allocation strategies, mainly to learn from, for my study.

I have gotten to the point of testing the allocator and want to compare mine against other allocators in an as real of a situation as possible.
I do not expect mine to perform any better but I am interested in finding out what the differences are and where I can further improve my allocator.

I researched solutions and found mimalloc-bench: which works exactly as what I am looking for. Unfortunately, all of these solutions that I could find, only work on Linux, which I haven't had time to implement support for in my allocator yet.

Does anyone know of a similar application/benchmark that works on Windows and benchmarks different allocators using real scenarios, where I could also add my own allocator to?
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Emery Berger's Hoard memory allocator has a set of benchmarks.
Thanks for the source, I had not found the Hoard memory allocator yet but it looks promising.
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