error in vs 2019 ??

Hello everyone
I'm so sorry I'm ask in this forum many times I'm very sorry :'(

anyway my question in this time for this video :

Why he can do it but I'm get this error ??

in here all files the project on zip :!AqPOyLnFsNTOglN9h9_jBgi-rqHZ?e=ELLwWN

@seeplus bro don't help me you was helped me many times thank you so much .... any other guy can help me please <3
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That code is C++/cli (using windows forms)! so I have no idea as I don't use C++/cli :)

No problem bro you help me many times Thank you so much <3 <3 <3

I found solution last comment on video =D
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