Combining Menu Bar and Title Bar

I have been playing with menus and resources. This brought up an interesting question. In programs like Visual Studio 2019 and Photoshop, the menu bar and title bar have been combined into one (to allow for more client area). Further, the combined bar is given the same color as the surrounding area.

My question is: Is there a simple way to do this? (like setting a certain style) Or, is the code quite involved?
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Thanks Furry Guy. Unfortunately though, that was not what I was asking. I wish that I could post screen shots, as this would make it far easier to explain.

I was referring to the "title bar" at the top of the screen. In a typical Windows program, the title bar has at the far left, the program icon for access to system functions. In the middle of the title bar, is the title of the application. On the far right of the title bar, are the "minimize", "maximize" and "close" buttons. The title bar is typically the color set by the Windows desktop theme. Directly beneath that, is the menu bar, with "File", "Edit", "View", etc...

However, on many newer Windows programs, the title bar and menu bar have been combined. On the far left is the system icon. Next, are the main menu selections ("File", "Edit", "View", etc). There may even be a few "tool" icons to the right of the menu. Finally, on the far right are the "minimize", "maximize" and "close" buttons. This bar also has the color of the application's theme, not the desktop theme. A perfect example of this can be seen in Visual Studio 2019.

So, I do I accomplish this? It has a much-more professional look.
if a lot of programs do it the same way, odds are the latest visual studio has a setting in the window type to draw it that way. If you see something unique, odds are the programmer did an owner draw (basically over-ride the drawing to use your own custom look) but when you see the same thing over and over; it is going to be a setting / common control. I do not know what those settings would be, though -- fire up a new window and see what properties it has that sound promising.
Thanks Furry Guy. I have been studying the code in that link, and exploring various other sites, based on the info from that page. However, none of the functions appear to do anything. The only working item that I found, was this bit of code:

            return 0;

Returning "0" causes the entire window to become client area, with no controls. That seems a bit brute-force. But, it is the only thing that has worked, so far. The keyboard shortcuts still work. And, I can get the menu bar to appear, by using the alt-key shortcuts. So, it's a start.

However, I am still unable to move or resize the window. I have read that this could be accomplished, by catching the "WM_NCHITTEST" command. But, I have yet to find any code, that shows what to do with this command.
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