[Wlanapi] WLAN_NOTIFICATION_MSM NotificationCode 59


I'm working on a small Wifi tool using wlanapi in vs2019.
I'm outputting the wlan notifications to the output window and constantly witnessing an unknown notification code numbered 59, which is not documented anywhere; the WLAN_NOTIFICATION_MSM enum has only 17 code enumerations.

I cannot find better explanation for this (and maybe even more?) code anywhere. Can someone help to find this out?

The logged notifications looking like:
ACM ScanComplete
ACM ScanListRefresh
MSM 59
MSM SignalQualityChange
MSM SignalQualityChange
MSM 59
MSM SignalQualityChange
MSM 59

Thank you in advance!
Anyone saw this before please?
I doubt I'll be able to help too, but why not show the part of the code that prints "MSM 59"? What function call is actually producing that number?
At a guess, it's something bespoke coming out of whatever 3rd party driver you have installed.
someone has the same issue as you, maybe the answer they got helps:

is your library open source? Can you grep it out of that?
If not, you can try hex edit the library file but that is going to be hit or miss and kind of a desperation approach, but there isnt much on the web for whatever this is.

speaking of which: libraries with no users --- avoid and use something else is my plan for stuff that does not work and has little to no web presence.
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Thank you for the answers; this is coming right from wlanapi (wlanapi.h):

I was also thinking that maybe this undocumented code is presented by some 3rd party driver, but it doesn't matter what kind of wlan dongle/built-in device i try, the message approaches all the time.
Its all Windows 10 ver.2004 i tried, so maybe this is something new, no idea, but i find it strange that the corresponding enum is also not containing this (or maybe even more) code(s) in the newest Windows SDK header (wlanapi.h) either.
Of course its not a big deal, but these kind of things make me curious.

I'm using this in C# through interop, so there is no magic anywhere at all.
I was also thinking about some hex-edit lookaround, but since it is not included in wlanapi.h, probably it is not to be found built in anywhere. Assembly i don't know, so more i cannot do here i think.
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