libdrizzle dll VC++ 2017

I am trying to build libdrizle as a dll in VC++ 2017 for another project and it is throwing errors related to the standard library. I am getting errors in ws2def.h - "expected identifier", stdio.h - "snprintf conflict" and "_inline not allowed in delclaration", and WinSock2.h - a lot of 'C' linkage errors. I am guessing that I need to use an older Widows SDK as the easiest means to solve the problem, but how do I determine which SDK I should use?

According to github page msvc compiler is not officially supported:

This ofc. doesn't mean you can't build with msvc(VS compiler), you can and, it should be possible but you'll have to do some code hacking.

first step for success is to compile dependencies with msvc, and only then start working on library.

How hard or easy it will be depends on your skills ofc.

There is no library that can't be built with Visual Studio, it just takes a little work adjusting code.
Clang/LLVM support is available in Visual Studio 2019.

It might be worth installing VS2019 in parallel with VS2017.
nice, I would not even remotely try to think of Microsoft integrating other compilers into VS.
this is real world news!
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