Issue with an audio driver

I am having an issue regarding an audio driver that is written in C++. The issue is that its not playing any audio (or instead plays a short static noise) in a Windows Server 2003 VM ran using VirtualBox with the type of sound card being emulated set to AC97. The debug logs are available at and . I used WinDbg to make them. The source code (which can be compiled using Visual Studio 2019 and WDK 10) and the driver (which is Windows Server 2003 compatible) can be found in the archive located at . The license of the source is MIT. Also, here is what another developer mentioned regarding the possible cause for it:

"Good news it can be fixed. I am sure if I'm understanding the documentation correctly.
You can allocate a block of nonpaged memory and then format this block of memory as an MDL.
This would require someone to produce or alter the code for the MAX_BDL_ENTRIES only as that seems to be where the error is.
That's something I can not do, I have never done anything with memory outside of a pointer and address referencing."
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I have a log containing all debug output channels offered by ac97smpl. Can anyone use it to fix the issue? Please let me know if so and then I will link to it.
You can't say I didn't warn you. You're asking people to do work for free.
I know. It doesn't hurt to try.
"if you want to focus efforts with your partner, first fix it on windows. according my findings, the problem is between the circular buffer in stream.cpp, and the chip interface in adapter.cpp" is what one guy in a chat room told me.
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