Compilation errors are occurring when compiling a driver

Can someone help me fix them? The errors are in the paste located at . They are the errors involving ac97smpl.
1. It's impossible to fix without seeing the source.

2. We'd prefer to see the conversation here, so it might help someone else in the future.
The source is available at . The build environment that I am using is ReactOS Build Environment (available at ) and I am using Git for Windows (available at ) for downloading ReactOS' source code and keeping it up to date. I am able to replicate those errors by doing the following:

1. Open a Command Prompt Window.
2. Type cd c:\ and press Enter.
3. Type git clone and press Enter.
4. Close the Command Prompt Window.
5. Install ReactOS Build Environment and set the path of the source to C:\reactos while installing it.
6. Extract the archive containing the driver's source to C:\reactos\drivers\wdm\audio\drivers.
7. Open ReactOS Build Environment.
8. Type configure and press Enter.
9. Type cd output-mingw-i386 and press Enter.
10. Type ninja ac97smpl and press Enter.
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Will anyone try to fix them soon?
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