UNIX/Linux Programming - November 2020

How is explained about the `local` is valid variable
Can we validly write a line unset local a b c d e f g h i to mean: local a b c d e f g h i;unset...
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branch swap didn't get synchronized to remote
I made a branch meant to be experimental and alternative to master so did git branch M after it...
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Linux source code
Hi guys, I am wondering if this github is home to the kernels source code? - https://github.com/t...
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Correct way to handle exiting a daemon
So, i am currently trying to learn about Daemon development under Linux. I have found this "Templ...
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scan for nerby bluetooth devices in C++ code - timing issue
I like to find somebody who is actively coding Bluetooth in Linux / C++. I am using QtCreator IDE a...
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To ensure cmake to do pause-resume
How to ensure cmake to do pause-resume process? What indicator to know and what'd guarantee it'll d...
[1 reply] : Maybe fix your hardware, like say not overclocking it to the point of ... (by salem c)
To run Linux script in FAT
How to run Linux script e.g configure etc, in FAT (or a raw alike) filesystem ? eg. in /usr/src dir....
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print hash data according to inserted data sequences
By using perl programming, how to print out this hash data using loops and according to the hash dat...
[2 replies] Last: Maybe your for loop variables need a $ Not to mention that there are ... (by salem c)
flow chart of the copy algorithm
Guys,can u show me a flow chart of the copy algorithm
[1 reply] : Don't cross-post. https://www.cplusplus.com/forum/windows/273777/ (by salem c)
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