UNIX/Linux Programming - June 2020

by volang
Unable to bind: Address already in use
I'm new to linux , and getting this message alot while testing and re-running my server. Unable...
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by kwe
C++ Graphics - Lin
I’m pretty experienced with C++, but I’ve never done anything with graphics before. I’m workin...
[1 reply] : I'm confused, why are you following Linux instructions when you're usi... (by salem c)
Vector3d to Vector3i conversion eigen
What is the eigen way of converting vector3d to vector3i or vector2i. Eg. how do i convert vector3d...
[1 reply] : If worst comes to worst, you can just write a simple function to do it... (by Ganado)
Sorry not to be really Linux..
Sorry not to be really Linux but I found noone answers this at any eminent forum Will git merge of ...
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by zapshe
How do you learn the command line? (1,2)
Experience teaches all you need to know. You just use commands so often that you don't need to look ...
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How to print log in OpenSSL source
I need to extract big number related implementations from OpenSSL source for some resource limited a...
[1 reply] : The issue fixed. When I run openssl-1.1.1g/test/bntest, it link the (... (by myaegean)
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