UNIX/Linux Programming - April 2020

codeblocks doesn't show console
that is standard hello world program linux mint last stable version -------------- Build: Debug in...
[7 replies] Last: Since Mint doesn't automatically install xterm, I normally just take t... (by jlb)
How can I check if any thread is asleep? and how to wake them up?
Following is the question, "Implement an "alarm clock" class. Threads call "Alarm:GoToSleepFor(int...
[3 replies] Last: Just use sleep. The only tricky part is that sleep can return early, s... (by dhayden)
by ravss2
Problem running IPC(Msg Q) on two terminals
Hi, I am trying to run two processes one to send and other to receive few messages using message...
[9 replies] Last: It makes sense for every user to have their own /tmp (including it see... (by salem c)
Hanging on fscanf of pipe (1,2)
So I’ve been making a little class that is supposed to allow me to use an sql repl, but I’ve bee...
[23 replies] Last: WORKS!! thank you guys so much for helping me out I very much a... (by highwayman)
Exporting xcode project
I have built a mac application that runs as intended on my mac. Now I am trying to make a standalone...
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Mac Executable Difficulty
I have been working on a game using SDL2 and the Soloud audio library using VSCode with clang as my ...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks a lot for your help, I have managed to find a way to make this ... (by dangerawaits)
Find char sequence inside char array
Hello i am trying to make a program witch will find a sequence of chars inside char array, but my pr...
[2 replies] Last: You really should use the code format tags, code's pretty much unreada... (by kbw)
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