Newbie Linux Programmer


I am looking to move across from windows to linux but i don't really know how to get started. Could you outline a few getting started tips for c and c++. I have a MacBook, but I'm not sure if it is best to run a virtual machine or get another laptop and run fedora?

As i said I'm completely new to this.

Look forward to your help.


windows to linux ... I have a MacBook,

You have OS X and want to move from Windows?

Writing C or C++ is no different, they are portable by design. Toolset might be different.

You can have (bash) shell session in Windows and OS X too. You can use GCC and Clang on all three platforms.

Personally, I associate term "Linux programmer" with those, who write Linux kernel (which is written in C). Everything else is just programming.

Fedora is "bleeding edge". IME, it is more comfy to use long term support distro's.
C++ might be ubiquitous, but the toolset isn't. Moving from Windows/Visual Studio to Linux/somthing else is a big deal.

On Linux you can use Visual Studio Code or KDevelop.

But the biggest difference is Unix has a particular culture that you need to pick somehow or else you'll end up with some kind of hybrid thinking (which is bad).

Running Linux in a VM is ok.
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