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Was wondering..
Hello everyone, love being in the forum and getting to know everyone! I remember years ago I’ve...
[2 replies] Last: I won't work long hours constantly. I give my 8 per day and more if ... (by jonnin)
Solid State Drives and memory
Hey guys, So got an interesting topic. I'm watching the crash course computer science playlist on Y...
[13 replies] Last: https://www.enterprisestorageforum.com/storage-hardware/ssd-in-enterpr... (by againtry)
Is this site getting an update for C++ after C++11?
This site seem only to reference is only up to C++11. Newer standards have introduce newer C++ stand...
[2 replies] Last: This site covers C++14, but is unlikely to be updated now to cover C++... (by seeplus)
Circumcision is for dicks
Excuse the pun of this title (I couldn't resist) and please note that I mean absolutely no disrespec...
[12 replies] Last: @coder777 Not only boys but also girls are affected by this criminal... (by KunjeeB)
by helios
How to find the noise floor?
I have a data source that at times produces very clean output and at other times produces noisier ou...
[13 replies] Last: Ah, screw it. I'll just use a multiple of the moving standard deviatio... (by helios)
Fingerprint Violation (1,2)
Greetings fellow cplusplusers - long time no speak. Has any of you guys heard about the fingerpri...
[38 replies] Last: you got me here :) Not at all. Risk management is not a zero-sum gam... (by againtry)
Buffer overflow problem
Hi Guys, I'm playing around with memory and trying to get a deeper understanding of how things fu...
[17 replies] Last: thanks guys :) (by adam2016)
Question about the Code:Blocks IDE
I recently install Code::Blocks on my Linux machine. It was trivial then I set up a project using CM...
[3 replies] Last: I'm using Code:Blocks 16.01 The latest C::B is 20.03, released back ... (by Furry Guy)
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