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I remember years ago I’ve always struggled with keeping my physique on point because I was just so busy trying to learn everything I could and actually getting my first job as a software engineer. I don’t have that problem anymore - thank God! But I still think about it frequently. What are your experiences with keeping in shape while still working long hours as a software engineer? Do you think you have room for improvement or you are happy with your current physique even though it might not be the best? Perhaps I can help, perhaps we can exchange some ideas… let me know, would love to read some input!
Get a bike and bike to work. For a white collar worker there's no better way to stay in shape.
* Great workout for your heart and lungs and your legs (especially quads and glutes), good workout for your core.
* No need to make extra time on your schedule for your workouts. Just work out during your commute.
* Commuting by bike gives super consistent travel times, especially compared to public transit. For several years I had refined my routine so well I could get out of bed and be in the office exactly one hour later, with practically zero variation.
* Cycling has a low barrier to entry and a high skill ceiling. Even if you're in terrible shape when you start you can do something for half an hour, unlike for example running, where if you're in bad shape you can't run for more than a few minutes. And once you get into shape you can push yourself harder and harder. A lot of people start out with a cheapo bike and eventually find they outgrow it.
* Cycling is very easy on the joints and tendons. If you use your equipment properly[1] it's very hard to get an overuse injury. Hell, just the other day I had some awful blisters that made walking a pain, but I could still pedal like a madman no problem.
* It's easier to carry water and food while cycling, so you can keep working out longer.
* Another thing I've noticed is that years of daily cycling have made me pretty much immune to DOMS. I can just lift weights and not be sore in the morning.

[1] Mainly this involves using gears properly if your bike has them, and adjusting your saddle height correctly. Ideally you also want a correctly fit bike.

Do you think you have room for improvement or you are happy with your current physique even though it might not be the best?
Well, these past few months I've been working on regaining my speed. It took me two or three months but I think I'm now as fast as I was in February. Also, I'm currently succeeding in losing my quarantine weight, and these past weeks I've managed to shake a food addiction that's been my main source of failure in getting really fit; I'm really, really good at burning the energy, but when I start running on autopilot I'm also really good at putting it back in.
Other than that I'm probably as fast and strong as I'll ever be. If my self from 11 years ago could see me, he would not believe it.
I won't work long hours constantly. I give my 8 per day and more if there is an emergency or a large deployment or critical need. With the virus @ home I don't even lose travel time, and hope to continue that.
But if staying in shape is your goal, then you work it into your schedule. If your job demands 12-16 hours a day every day, move on.
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