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Let's see the sex ratio of people who reply to this thread.

I'm male.
I'm a sentient artificial intelligence with no gender
There are not any more than two genders.

If the goal of your post was to show stupidity,
Congratulations, you have successfully showed
how stupid you are. I can not believe that
you included the word "other". Well, Actually,
it's not surprising, just a reminder of the sin
of this world. I know that Jesus Christ will
come again soon, this world is just begging to
be judged. I assume you are going to throw a
huge fit about what I have said, but I know
that I will have to suffer for standing up
against sin, it's a part of following Jesus.

Come quickly Lord Jesus!!

(Go ahead, report my reply! DO IT! I don't care.)
Ugh.. I should have realized that this could attract attention to the gender controversy. Anyways, this is hardly the best place for such discussions.

The real reason I opened this thread, I admit, was because I had a feeling that there are way more males than females in this forum than usual. For some reason or the other, I have imagined most of the current active helpers as being blokes. For instance, I'm so confident that Dutch is a man that I would bet a million on it, even though they have not mentioned their gender in their profile, does not have an obviously masculine or feminine name, and I have not seen them explicitly mention a dead giveaway. Others are more obvious because they have masculine names or have mentioned their gender in their profile.
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More males than females than usual compared to what? Society in general or computer science circles? 'Cause I got news for you: engineering, physics, computer science, and (to a slightly lesser extent) mathematics departments in universities are sausage fests. There's no need to do a statistic, just go to any of those classes and have a look around. Women in general pick STEM careers much less often than men do. The only exception is biology, IIRC.
I know that Jesus Christ will
come again soon
Said the actress to the bishop.
I should have realized that this could attract attention to the gender controversy
Your question was about sex, not gender. There are only two biological sexes, but gender (and separately, sexual preference) is a matter of personal identity.

Our holy roller doesn't understand the difference, but that's his problem.

I think the most important matters related to sex the religious need to concentrate on are those concerning consent in general, children in particular, long jail terms and substantial compensation.

Using this thread to get an idea of gender ratios (or sex ratios) opens one up to self-selection bias, like any open-access poll.


Why do you have to be so formal and end your sentence with a signature line? People here are only discussing sex, gender and religion, so nothing serious just chill out!

I don't have to write as I do. I just want to. I don't ask others to. I don't think every conversation online has to be formal. It's just my particular style.

As for why I use the signature, it's one of those silly things that I started doing a very long time ago, and have mostly just kept doing because it's become part of my forum persona, and I have no desire to change that.


By the way, you asking me to chill out amuses me for several reasons, one of which being that I consider you taking an issue with my tone to be rather non-chill behavior.
I think the point made by Albatross about self-selection bias is technically incorrect because @satan asks "the sex ratio of people who reply to this thread" which indicates to me that any selection bias was either recognised and planned for, and therefore removed by adding the words in bold.
I would have agreed with you here, againtry, if it wasn't for this line:
The real reason I opened this thread, I admit, was because I had a feeling that there are way more males than females in this forum than usual.

This implies an attempt to gather a sample that's representative of the forum. I'm not sure how self-selection could be adequately controlled for in this case.

I too read that line @Albatross but I viewed it 3 ways:
1. No previous sample was taken so there was no way for @satan to determine whether any change had occurred.
2. Similarly there was/is no way of determining from this survey, scientific, biased or not, what is normal.
3. I couldn't reconcile these differences other than describing the extra comment as an oversight, possibly an ulterior motive badly explained. So on balance I decided it was irrelevant and of no consequence and therefore ignored it, along with not stating my gender or sex as you can see. My bias against religious abusers, groomers even dare I say it, is there to behold.
FWIW, and I would never deny Angela1998 her(?) place to express her views, I didn't detect any raised temperature from your comment.

(T = -273.15C)
@Albatross, Of course I was only being silly. But I wanna adopt your forum persona and start ending my messages with a signature as well. :)

In all seriousness though, I found this topic a little pointless. What value is added to this forum if its male-female ratio is calculated. This isn't a dating site. Hence why I wasn't solemn throughout the thread.

-Mrs. Albatross
By my rough count there about 50% of the comments are by (declared) women. Excluding the sentient AI one, that means 50% are 'others' which confirms what I already knew, seriously.

(T = -273.15C)
This isn't a dating site.
It doesn't have to not be.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
This is a community of C++ programmers on the interwebs. As such it does have some trolls.

Reveal your jendur at ur one riks.
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Speaking of trolls, I'm surprised that I've never seen any trolls here. Especially because, well, it's not moderated, is it?

Maybe the forum elders can recount instances of relentless trolling/spamming from the past? How in the name of were these trolls put to a stop, or were they at all?

Maybe future will give birth to another (or first, idk), more ugly, troll. And maybe that will be the tipping point for most people, who will then migrate to other forums.

And then there are the advertising bots (or people, idk). Luckily, so far, their posts usually get deleted by somebody reporting. But what if the bot/person gets away with enough posts so that their posts can no longer be deleted? They could potentially flood the forum with spam (forever, potentially, if they are a bot). Would that still be tolerable for most people?
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No, you're not wrong. This site is full of lovable characters; the reason that I keep coming back for more. People are here to help and to learn, and it's a community that's self-sustaining.

The resource site itself might be edging on a decade out of date, but it still encompasses the core of C++, and the fact that we aren't closely monitored gives us a lot of breathing room.

Wouldn't change this for the world.
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