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Variable doesn't update with Pointer
Hi, I've created a code which calculates simple geometries of shapes, e.g. area, volume. A user is...
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How to check if one string is the first half of another string? (Visit for explanation)
Hello. I was trying to make a function that checks if a string contains another string an...
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i got no suitable convertion right her "std::istream_iterator"<std::string>(std::istringstream(nb))
const std::string nb = "eight one six eight three three eight five four two nine six nine"; std::tr...
[2 replies] Last: thank you mbozzi it works and great reason explanation (by aymanawa)
Program skipping first line of input when displaying final output?
Hi all! So I have put together my code for an assignment for a C++ class that I am in when I came...
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Can somebody help me with my code please??? Thanks
Hi, I wrote the code for the Classes but can I have some guidance to do the following, please? Wri...
[3 replies] Last: Circle(double xcoord = 0.0, double ycoord = 0.0, float r0 = 0.0) : P... (by seeplus)
hello I have the following question: modify the +=operator so it can add an element to the vector o...
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by Ocko91
Hello , can someone PLS check my code and tell me how to fix it ? I hope i i formated ift well... d...
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Help with bool>operator
the question is change the operator overload < it will return true if the total distance of the r...
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Swapping array elements
Is there a way to swap an element into an array at a specific point. For example i have a string arr...
[3 replies] Last: "swap" as you are using it, you are saying 'replace' which is valid i... (by jonnin)
hi i had for this exercise to make a copy constructor, a destructor and =operator class TrainRoute...
[2 replies] Last: Assuming that the copy constructor is OK then the operator= can be imp... (by seeplus)
Fibonacci and Factorial.
Is there a question in there somewhere??
[1 reply] : there is now. ^^ (by jonnin)
Need Help to Replicate a Click Counter
Guys, they closed the schools but not the school projects.. errgghhh.. sorry for the frustration.. a...
[4 replies] Last: man this worked! how could I miss that part.. basics gotta be strong..... (by mattnicholas)
by kimoL
I wrote this code to validate the time input if there is a free slot slots array then the t...
[1 reply] : Maybe you want something like this: int slotoptions ={10,11,12}; bool ... (by coder777)
subprogram to program
hi, who can convert this subprograms to a single main program #include<iostream> using namespa...
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Can somebody tell me whats wrong with my code please??? Thanks
In the code below I get these 2 errors: Error E0289: No instance of constructor "Spy::Spy" matc...
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Input Validation of an int
I am trying to validate the length entered by a user. However, as I enter random values when testing...
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(C++) Need help resolving Output file error
#include <iostream> #include <fstream> // accept an output stream (which may be a file stream) to ...
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Memory leak in C++ and How to avoid it?
You should use smart pointers, if your purpose is just to avoid memory leak. https://en.cppreferenc...
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by terms1
how to triple space (1,2)
Hi guys, how can i triple every space from a given string?
[21 replies] Last: [quote=dhayden]The real problem with using strtok() is that it skips c... (by Furry Guy)
Output not showing up
Hey guys, I make this system to record carry marks for student and I'm having this difficult time to...
[5 replies] Last: I don't know if this is your specific problem, but it is a problem. T... (by AbstractionAnon)
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