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by terms1
I need help with a program
Hi guys can you help me with this program, please Consider the two-dimensional array A [1..n, 1..m]...
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by jonnin
Visual Studio compiled program runs faster in x86 than x64?
yes, things like this can happen. It can go the other way too. Depends on the code. 50% faster i...
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Design a program to play the LoShuSquare Game.
Hello, I will leave the instructions for this program. I did it in three different files and just ca...
[1 reply] : "LoShuSquare.h" is not a library. It is a header file shared by two s... (by AbstractionAnon)
Embedded C++ classes
Hi, what are the best practices when designing classes in embedded systems? For example I the mi...
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find the exclamation mark in the array
Given a two-dimensional array that is not a set of rows. Display lines that do not contain exclamati...
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by opfabi
generating a matrix based on 2 numbers from a file
hi, im new to programming and i find this problem difficult, I hope you can help me with it. genera...
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by frek
bitset example
I get this error for the following code: Error C2398 Element '1': conversion from 'int' to 'unsigne...
[1 reply] : list-initialisation does not allow implicit narrowing conversions. h... (by JLBorges)
input integer from text file and output text file
I want to input my integer data from a text file and then my program will run and the final result o...
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by Zenzei
please fix the HEAP CORRUPTION DETECTED error
I run a growtopia private server and have been recently getting server crashes due to HEAP CORRUPT...
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Recursion return difficulties
So the goal of the program is to solve a sudoku puzzle using recursion, but I put a file(starting su...
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i have a small question
//question is in main >>> #include <iostream> using namespace std; class Department { privat...
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by VoB
Constant iterator and code duplication
Implementing a binary search tree, I need to write a iterator and a constant_iterator . My ite...
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Advice on creating a regex like tool
Hi guys, So Regular expressions are normally written using Deterministic finite automata(DFAs) and ...
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by mxkxx
cant open the exe file
i cant open the exe file in the folder. It says System error and " The code execution cannot proceed...
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by mxkxx
cant run the file
I am running code blocks and I have a header file "Studnets.h" that I am trying to have another file...
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Random binary numbers matrix
Hi guys, I got a matrix and I want to fill it with random binary numbers (0,1) but I want a specifie...
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Why is my int value not changing to end the while loop?
So I'm making a C++ program for college. And my program is supposed to keep looping unless the user ...
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Uninitialized char* generates error
Hello. This is my code: #include <iostream> int main() { char* fileName; std::cout << "File: "; ...
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register values
Ok so, I want to access this within C++: R0xAF = 0. I can set it to 0xAF with no but the...
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I never use pointers in my C++ code. Am I coding C++ wrong?
It's hard to tell whether you code wrong or not... When you use the standard library you can actual...
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