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by sheeda
Trying to create Arduino program with 7 segment displays
Hello all, I am trying to create a program that reads four letters at once from a user, then displ...
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by Ocko91
rand # only for odd #
Hi C++ , I have program for 5 random numbers from 1 to 10 . srand(time(0)); int num; w...
[9 replies] Last: @Ganado, Those are some fancy stochastical machinations there! But you... (by dutch)
vcpkg error installing sfml
./vcpkg install sfml i got this error -- Building x86-windows-dbg -- Restarting Build without paral...
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by Jans
Syntax question - *(*new)
Hello, My question is about new syntax introduced in c/cpp standards. Recently I have encountered s...
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Need to confirm whether my solution is correct or not
Q11. There are three seating categories at a stadium. For a softball game, Class A seats cost $15, C...
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by frek
C++ notes review
Hi all, It's months I'm far from programming wholly but already have a list of notes to refresh m...
[8 replies] Last: @Ganado Probably if we add this to the text the explanation will be r... (by frek)
Vector Merge sort version with wrong output
I am not too sure what I did wrong in this Mergesort algorithm I made. my output I am receivi...
[1 reply] : Put your code between CODE TAGS to retain indentation. In your "... (by dutch)
Object Detection
This is a general question regarding image processing and object detection. I did a Google search fo...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you for the reply. I understand that OpenCV makes life much easi... (by nicholasjb1996)
Question(s) about handles...
Long story short im interested in a way to communicate with my keyboards driver. This is for my ow...
[11 replies] Last: But what happens when you write to that handle? I really do not think ... (by helios)
by NanaM
C++ noob needs guidance
Hello, First of all I am new to this forum and am grateful for its presence. I am stuck startin...
[3 replies] Last: Hello NanaM, Sorry I found this so late. Since you are new here some ... (by Handy Andy)
Dijkstra's algorithm with C++ and GUI
Dijkstra's algorithm. Help please. What steps do I use to make this work after reading the algorithm...
[12 replies] Last: againtry, Thank you. I think that you are helping. I am not to the a... (by BobQuarter)
can we use html tags in c++ program?
std::cout << "<body>yes</body>" << std::end;
[1 reply] : Please be more specific. Do you just want to create an HTML file using... (by Ganado)
Is, there a way to re-compile memory position only.
Is there an way to re-compile an game exe? For example, I want to re-compile a position in memory i...
[8 replies] Last: Overall, what does the "position" mean? (re-compile) a position in me... (by keskiverto)
Iterator seems to be breaking
Hi! I'm trying to find 2 squares in a collection of squares that overlap. Here's the segment of my ...
[1 reply] : I'm particularly baffled by this because I did perform a check for if... (by dutch)
Why should we only use i in for loop?
Why not? AFAIK using i in loops stems back to the early days of Fortran (late 1950's) where variabl...
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by frek
Is it worth for a C++ programmer to start learning C now
On the one hand, along with technology progress, modern devices with higher and more powerful equipm...
[11 replies] Last: I think C basics are the foundation of c plus plus. There are a lot of... (by aayushi98)
by Deo12
Sharing variables values between Dialog Boxes
I really need an advice on this topic guys. I have 2 Dialog boxes. In the first dialog box I have co...
[3 replies] Last: So please show the code and what are the errors? (by coder777)
Classes Error
I need help in creating a header file for these particular classes but i donot know how to do them, ...
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how to run python code with c++?
how to run python code with c++?
[2 replies] Last: win 10 64 bits. Try this for a self contained method in a folder. htt... (by oggin)
how to go to a function definition in the function scope. VS2015
there is a code like next. void function() // The point { ... ... // I'm in here. // I ...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you guys.. Maybe I think It's impossible in VS2015. (by woohyeon)
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