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How to clear console without system("cls") (1,2)
Hello. I have been told that system() is "bad" to use... So, how do I clear the console screen safe...
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How do I modify my code to organize objects and write them to a file.
Ok... i'm stuck here... I have a class called Items that creates an object with three attributes (Me...
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C++ keyword definition request (1,2)
Hello. I did not know it, but, the C++ book I read was pretty outdated. And I would like to know wha...
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by jax16
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File editing help! (1,2,3)
Hello. I am trying to make a program that edits an .msbt file, which is a file containing a game's ...
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Context Switch
I need help with this code. Complete the code so that the output is: Main1 says Hello Main2 says ...
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Converting 1d array output to look like a matrix
Hey ya'll, I'm trying to print a 1d array as a 2d matrix. I started off by creating a char array w...
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Zombie Sandwich Shop Program
Zombie Sandwich Shop The BRAINS! Vision BRAINS! caters to a clientele that is extremely specific in...
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arrays and loops
I am pretty new to programming, so I guess be advised. I am trying to take a user input, here for ...
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Map and ofstream/ifstream
Hey guys So, I what I am trying to accomplish is I have a account class and a bank class. my bank cl...
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Modified Secant Method
#include<iostream> #include<iomanip> #include<math.h> #include<stdlib.h> /* Defining equation to b...
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boost::spirit::karma::generate not working as expected
Hi, I am taking a code sample from the documentation of Boost.Spirit (see
[5 replies] Last: the error is using boost::spirit::qi::int_ instead of karma::_int: thi... (by JUANDENT)
Function issue
Hello, I wrote a code in C++ that can encode and decode files. After that the programm have to ch...
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Call and Search Help
I need help finishing the calling and searching for the binary and recursive areas. I have linear do...
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by jax16
Vector or Array
Howdy, need help with this. I didn't really get any help or an answer. original post http://ww...
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by markj
main() is not Main
I was totally blown away when I copied / pasted some C++ COM code into a MS Visual Studio Console Ap...
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Visual Studio 2019 errors
Hello. I get the following errors every time I build with Visual Studio 2019: LNK4075 ignoring '...
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by rnima
Overloaded function Modulus
I need big help with figuring out Int operator%(const Int&); i havent started on division just yet...
[5 replies] Last: For 'ordinary' numbers division or modulo arithmetic can be carried ou... (by againtry)
by rnima
How to compute the size of an array with leading zeros
So basically i have an array of size 20, and i am wanting to store a number inside the array | 0...
[4 replies] Last: @rnina, if it’s a genuine big-number class (which your notation does... (by lastchance)
Good afternoon friends I need help and guidance: I downloaded and installed the software on my com...
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